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Annual Haircut Day


It’s annual haircut day but Sringeri cannot find anyone to help. Another great creative commons (CC-BY-SA) book from Pratham publishers, with stories based on Indian lifestyles adding to their cultural depth for most Westerners, and familiarity for those from the Indian sub-continent. By: Noni, Angie and Upesh   Images from Annual Haircut Day <end of sample> …


The Moon and the Cap

the moon and the cap

The Moon and the Cap – An endearing tale about a child’s love for a new cap. Another great Creative Commons book from Pratham. By: Noni, Angie, Upesh These books are also available as a read along book, to enable learning reading and learning English with subtitles on Youtube, see the link below.     Text …


Happy Maths Book 2

happy maths book 2

Happy Maths Book 2 – The second book in the Happy Maths series, these books provide practical maths solutions, great for grades 5-7 with stories to help engage the students. The stories are based on Indian lifestyles which also adds to the cultural experience. Another great creative commons book from Pratham publishers. By: Mala Kumar, Angie …


Happy Maths Book 1

happy maths book 1

Happy Maths Book 1 – A mathematics book with many stories built around the problems, with questions and answers. The book is aimed at children of grade 3 to 5 maths and english levels. Stories are based around Indian lifestyles and this book can also be a nice way to learn about different cultures. By: Mala …


Where Wild Microbes Grow

where wild microbes grow

Where Wild Microbes Grow – An educational rhyming picture book about discoveries on the seafloor, based on the expeditions of the vessel JOIDES Resolution. A fun way to interest young children in oceanic research. Written by award-winning children’s author Kevin Kurtz and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Alice Feagan. The eBook was created through a National Science …


Robert – Diversity and Differences


Robert, born to immigrant parents, and barely speaking English when he started school, was not considered athletic. Against odds, he becomes a top swimmer, winning many races and surprising his coach. Based on the true story of a hearing impaired Australian swimming champion. By: Elena Silva   See more books like these below