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Bunnies From The Future – Fun Middle Grade Science Fiction

Bunnies From The Future

Bunnies from the Future is an action packed, and incredibly hilarious, middle-grade science fiction. With battles to save the earth and flying lessons combined with cute bunnies and heart warming talking plants, the story that has something for everyone. For Dad’s (or Moms) looking for adventure at bedtime, this is for you!  It’s time for …


Piglet Gets a New Job – Heart Warming Early Chapter Book

Piglet gets a new job FKB middle grade fiction

Daksha The Medicine Girl


Daksha lives in a remote hamlet in the Himalayas. After losing her family to flashfloods, she grows up in the village community and gains knowledge of herbal medicine by helping the Vaidya. A chance encounter opens up a new life that includes schooling. But Daksha longs for her mountain home….This is an inspirational story set …