The Great Tidy Up – Good clean fun

The Great Tidy Up - Good clean funThe Great Tidy Up – Inspire Children to Clean – When Gogo goes to sleep, siblings decide to tidy up as a surprise for Mama and Papa. A great book to inspire independent cleaning by children, as Khwezi and Mzamo tidy up the toys, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, and much much more, all while having lots of fun. Surprise Mama and Papa are amazed and Gogo has been watching all along.

The Great Tidy Up will inspire children to clean, Another awesome book brought to us by bookdash.

Illustrated by Jess Jardim-Wedepohl
Written by Corinne Lamoral Rosmarin

Text from The Great Tidy Up – Inspire Children to Clean

‘We are going to have so much fun while Gogo is having a nap,’ says big sister Khwezi.
‘Ooh yes!’ says little brother Mzamo.
‘What will we do?’

‘We will clean the house for Papa and Mama while they are out.’
‘That’s no fun,’ says Mzamo.
‘Uh uh, no.
Not me.
I don’t want to clean up!’

‘But Papa and Mama will be so proud.
Let me show you how much fun we will have!’ says Khwezi.

‘First we will put the toys away!’

‘Now we will sweep the stoep!’

‘Now we will wash the dishes!’

‘Now we will wash the windows!’

‘Now we will polish the floor!’

‘Now we will wash the clothes!’

‘Now we will hang the clothes up!’


‘I have been watching them the whole time and they have been little angels!’ says Gogo.

end of text from The Great Tidy Up – inspire children to clean

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