The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror – A witch puts a curse on the village children, only Sam and Soy, brother and sister, are free from the curse. Sam must find the magic mirror to defeat the witch and bring it back within 3 days. Sam and Soy meet many mysterious creatures along their journey. Will Sam and Soy save the children from being cursed forever?

Sample Text From The Magic Mirror

Once upon a time not long ago, a group of friends were playing in a village when suddenly a strong wind swept them away.

“What is this place?” they asked? “Where are we? It’s so quiet and scary.”
“Look! There’s a house,” said one. “Let’s go and see if someone is there to help us.”

The children walked to the house and peeked in the window. There, they saw a table full of delicious food. Suddenly, the front door opened as if by magic.

A strange voice called out to them. “You look hungry. Come in and eat.”

Sam was suspicious. “I don’t think we should eat this food,” he warned his friends.

“But we are so hungry!” they wailed. “We can’t bear this hunger any more and the food looks so good.”

“Don’t eat it if you don’t want to,” said one friend “but don’t stop us.”

<End of Sample Text>

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Comments 5

  • Pls put in full story?

  • I think it was a little boring but it was OK for children under 6

  • I did like this book. It was a perfect read-aloud book for my class of struggling readers as we are learning about the genre of fantasy. The story held their interest and the students were able to comprehend key elements of the story. It also had a good moral at the end of the story, another extension of the genre.

  • yes. It was exciting when the children ate the food and turned into monsters, and when Sam made his journey to the mysterious temple and saved a baby eagle, and when he got a magic ring, and when he fell into the lake and his ring made the lake freeze so he could walk on it, and the crocodiles turned into statues. It was also exciting when Sam met the elf and it was funny when he promised the elf he would come back and told the elf you could eat me when I come back if you want.


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