Thinking Skills Comic from Siyavula

The topics covered are as follows:

Classifying things – page 1
Concept mapping – page 11
Defining things – page 21
Generating new ideas – page 31
Mind mapping – page 41
Reading appreciation – page 51
Scientific method – page 60


This Thinking Skills comic is another awesome creative commons comic from Siyavula and the thunderbolt kids.

Thinking Skills sample page

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By: David Revoy

Another amazing episode in the Pepper and Carrot comic, in episode 14 Pepper comes up with a novel solution for a problem, but is it the right problem she’s solving to begin with? This comic with the beautiful illustrations and endearing characters is brought to us in Creative Commons by creator David Revoy. This version …

By: David Revoy

In Episode 2 of Pepper and Carrot, Carrot has his eyes on a rainbow potion. Is it going to be a good idea to sneak around behind Pepper’s back or not? Download or read online this adapted version of Pepper and Carrot – The Rainbow potion, a popular webcomic to find out. Pepper and Carrot …




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By: Siyavula

Siyavula provides an amazing, comprehensive, well-presented set of free maths and science textbooks, based on the South African school syllabus. The maths and science textbooks contain around 500+ pages, and cover all learning content for each year, with worked examples, practice questions, sample papers, linked videos, and many books also provide a separate teacher guide. …



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About Siyavula

Siyavula is a educational technology company created with major funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation. These books were an initiative from Mark Shuttleworth’s Free high School Textbooks concept. The company also provides an excellent online tutoring service at a small fee.

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