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tigersTigers – A non-fiction book all about tigers. This book is levelled to guided reading Level H, for grades 1 to 2 with 245 words. Learn simple facts about tigers as reading and science subjects for early elementary school children.

Another great creative commons book from Mustard Seed Books.

By: Mustard Seed

This book is also available in a Spanish version here –

Sample Text From Tigers

Tigers are big cats that live in the wild. Have you seen a tiger at the zoo?

What do you know about tigers?

Baby tigers are called cubs. When cubs are born, they are blind and helpless.

Cubs grow quickly and spend lots of time play fighting with their brothers and sisters.

The mother takes care of her cubs and teaches them how to hunt. The cubs leave home when they are around two years old.

Tigers are carnivores, which means they eat meat. A full grown tiger eats thirty to forty pounds of meat a day.

Tigers are the heaviest cats found in the wild. They can weigh up to 660 pounds.

Tigers have large, sharp teeth that help them hunt and eat. They hunt at night when it’s easier to sneak up on their prey.

Tigers live in the jungle or the forest so they can hide in the plants and trees and sneak up on their prey. Tigers always live close to water.

Most cats don’t like to swim, but tigers do. They can swim up to four miles. Tigers cool off by laying in a pool of water.

Most tigers have over 100 stripes. The stripes help the tiger hide in the jungle and forest.

Tigers can be orange, white or golden. White and golden tigers are rare and are found mostly in zoos.

Next time you go to the zoo, visit the tigers and watch them eat, sleep and play!

<End of text from Tigers – a levelled reader>

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