Alfi Blows Bubbles – early grade picture book fiction


By: Tony J Moon



Sample page from Alfi blows Bubbles (early grade picture book)

Alfi was in the garden blowing bubbles.
The bubbles were big round and
had all the colours of the rainbow
in them.

Some of the bubbles flew high in
the air over the tree tops.
Some stayed close to the ground
and bumped around the flowers.




Alfi blew a stream of bubbles over
the daises.

Some of these bumped together
and popped showering little
shower drops of water onto the


<End of Sample>

About the Author – Tonyonthemoon

Tony J. Moon creates children Illustrated Picturebooks, Poems with pictures Book stop – Short Stories, and books about science fiction and fact.

All picture books are design for children to have easy reading while using the computer screen story books can be downloaded for free. The books are graded in reading levels in order to help kids progress on their reading skills while enjoying the fun and humorous advance or early grade picture book.

Read the book below or watch and read along with this video

Another fun book by Tony J Moon.


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