Free At Last – The US Civil Rights Movement

Principal text written by Michael Jay Friedman, Division Chief for Print Publications at the Department of State’s Bureau of international information Programs. Friedman holds a PhD in U.S. political and diplomatic history.

Executive Editor: George Clack Editor-in-Chief: Mildred Solá Neely Managing Editor: Michael Jay Friedman Art Director: Min-Chih Yao Photo Research: Maggie Johnson Sliker

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CONTENTS of Free At Last – The US Civil Rights Movement


Slavery Spreads to America
A Global Phenomenon Transplanted to America
Slavery Takes Hold
Slave Life and Institutions
Family Bonds
Spotlight: The Genius of the Black Church


“Three-Fifths of Other Persons:” A Promise Deferred 8 A Land of Liberty?

The Pen of Frederick Douglass
The Underground Railroad
By the Sword
The Rebellious John Brown
The American Civil War
Spotlight: Black Soldiers in the Civil War


“Separate but Equal:” African Americans Respond to the Failure of Reconstruction

Congressional Reconstruction
Temporary Gains … and Reverses
The Advent of “Jim Crow”
Booker T. Washington: The Quest for Economic Independence
W.E.B. Du Bois: The Push for Political Agitation
Spotlight: Marcus Garvey: Another Path


Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall Launch the Legal Challenge to Segregation

Charles Hamilton Houston: The Man Who Killed Jim Crow


“We Have a Movement”

“Tired of Giving In:” The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Freedom Rides
The Albany Movement
Arrest in Birmingham
Letter From Birmingham Jail
“We Have a Movement”
The March on Washington
Spotlight: Rosa Parks: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement
Spotlight: Civil Rights Workers: Death in Mississippi
Spotlight: Medgar Evers: Martyr of the Mississippi Movement


“It Cannot Continue:” Establishing Legal Equality

Changing Politics
Lyndon Baines Johnson
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
The Act’s Powers
The Voting Rights Act of 1965: e Background
Bloody Sunday in Selma
The Selma-to-Montgomery March
The Voting Rights Act Enacted
What the Act Does
Spotlight: White Southerners’ Reactions to the Civil Rights Movement


The Triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement

<End of Contents – Free at Last, a comprehensive book on the US Civil Rights Movement>

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