The Girl Who Stayed Awake

Author: Karen Rosario


Excerpt The Girl Who Stayed Awake

Harken now and harken well. A humble tale I wish to tell. A tale of shadows in the night. A tale of knowing wrong from right. When sun meets snow and dreaming lingers. Where trees have toes and birds have fingers. A dreamer leaping never looking. At nightmares seeping, danger cooking. So listen hard and listen true. Lest my meek tale be lost by you.

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About the Author: Karen Rosario writes for the girls who don’t fit in- the ones who live for love and long to fly, the ones who never truly grow up, the ones who believe in secret worlds enough to find them. She likes watching strangers, dreaming on starry nights, flying in the spirit and wearing my red shoes. 

This book makes a adventurous bedtime story for children who are more mature with longer attention spans and who don’t scare easily, reading time approximately 20 minutes.

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