In Open Sea

Author: Ivan Parvov


If you want to listen to In Open Sea, check out this link to a narration by Jess Judd:

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  • l like this book so much

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    My daughter loved the shark, and wanted to hear the book read, (it’s hard to get her interested in books so this was great!). She listened patiently through the whole tale, and enjoyed the book, especially the sharks and the whales. The book is well written, and reads well, and again an endearing tale of Bubu and his friends with good values and a moral built in.

    Anonymous writes:
    My six year old loved it. Good read for a Kid

    Sritha Sandon writes:
    The book has great illustrations and the tale is really enjoyable. It builds values and a sense of adventure, accomplishment. The characters are endearing and warm the heart of the readers. Both my 9 year old daughter and my 3.5yr old son love Bubu and his friends. They love the whale Kitty as much as they love Bubu. Really worth adding to the library!

    Sana Shaikh writes:
    Its pretty colourful which children generally like , a very nice book my child really enjoys it .Thank you so much

    Daniel writes:
    Awww So short but it is nice.


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