Just Like Me – Birthday invitations

just like me preparing for a birthdayIn Just Like Me Rahah is nervous about inviting friends to her party as they all seem so different. As she thinks about it she sees how much they all have in common. A story of preparing for a birthday party with lessons about friendship and common interests.

Illustrated by Mary-Anne Hampton, Written by Hani du Toit
Designed by Christian Jaggers, Edited by Carla Lever

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Text From Just Like Me – Inviting Friends to a Party

It’s Rahah’s birthday next week. She’s excited about inviting her new friends to her party.

“Who will you invite?” asks Mum. “You’ve only been at school a few months. The kids all seem so very different, don’t they?”
“No, Mum. I have lots of new friends,” says Rahah.

inviting friends

“I want to invite Zerina. She wants to be a ballerina,
just like me!”

inviting friends

“Oh lovely,” says Mum.
“Let’s play some dance music then.”

“I hope that Sikelele can come too. He sings in the school choir,
just like me.”

“Oh that’s good – we’ll all have fun singing too.”

“Can we invite Susheela? She’s got fluffy kittens,
just like me.”

“Yes, let’s.
She’ll have fun playing with our kittens too.”

“And we must invite Yongnam. She loves pink cupcakes even more than I do.”

“It’s lucky I’m making cupcakes then,” says Mum.
“She can have the pink ones.”

“Ah thanks, Mum! I can’t wait.”
“Oh Rahah! I’m so excited to meet all your friends.
They sound so special –
just like you!”

“But what about you?
You love books, don’t you…
just like me!
Would you like to come to my party too?”

<End of Text from Just Like Me>

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