Lull and his Ladybugs

Author: Lull Mengesha, Illustrated by Nina Didenko and Troy Tsuchikawa


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  • Nice book

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    I think this is a great book to get children thinking about the value of money – both in what the consequences and effects are of having or not having money for ourselves and those around us, and about when you do not have money, how you can maximise what you do have – eg creativity, skills, effort and time, for personal rewards. I’ll look forward to hearing more from Lull.

    Ananya writes:
    I love the cover which gave me a soothing effect but how to download this book

    Mimi writes:
    download recommended

    Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Ananya – try to left click, or double click, or right click (then save as), on the “Download free pdf” tab, one should work depending on your system. We are working on more options soon for click on picture etc. but it is a few months off.

    Odette writes:
    Great example for both kids and adults.


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