the shoes on the dusty shelf

The Shoes on the Dusty Shelf – Mike works hard as a shoemaker, to take care of his family. He makes a very special pair of shoes, which take a very long time to find a home. When they do, there’s a very special message with them. By: Eirini Dermitzaki and Virginia Chrisoulaki       …

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children's human rights ebook

In I Know My Rights, Menaka Raman explains in a clear and no compromises way what children’s basic human rights are. The poignant book includes a child-friendly version of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child and advice on where and how to seek help. The book provides this important advice for any …

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the picturesque life of canela: the hooves

The Picturesque Life of Canela: The Hooves – Canela, a little goat, is afraid of trying new things, but bit by bit she will continue discovering how brave she really is. A lovely illustrated tale that teaches children to face their fears. By: N Miranda     See more books about animals below    

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shocking report card

The Very Shocking Report Card is a story about a little boy Pattu whose report card is less than desirable, what will happen when his Papa and Mummy see the report card? This beautifully illustrated story has some wonderful examples of adjectives and similes which makes it a great story for English studies, and is …

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tanias new bicycle

Tania’s New Bicycle – Tania is big enough now to have a ‘two wheel’ bike! Her mama and papa buy her one, but can she ride it? A delightful tale of fear, courage, trust, and triumph. Will Tania learn to ride? Find out in this story, another great adventure with subtle but important lessons, in …

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what is love

What is Love describes all the cool parts of love, how love makes you want to do stuff for others, and how love is beyond not feeling like it. Another great book from icharacter with some important lessons. By: Agnes and Salem De Bezenac     See more books from the Author below    

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Raj the rambling radiator boodle bods cover

Raj is a radiator, but he cares a lot about all his friends. He wants to make everyone warm. Tim the tea towel gets a bit cold, and the pink flamingo loses an egg, flip a doodle, let’s not let the egg get cold! This exciting tale is a short fun read, with an important …

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tania at school

Tania At School – Tania was talking in class and didn’t hear her homework assignment. It’s due today, and she’s now desperate for a solution. Tania’s a very good student, but today she learns a very important point, that honesty is the best policy, and she also learns the importance of not talking during lessons! Another great free children’s …

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fading flowers

Fading Flowers – Flowers look sad when they’re fading, just like our faces when we’re sad or angry, but flowers look very beautiful and happy when they’re fresh. A little girl compares her sad face to the wilting flowers, and her happy face to the fresh flowers. What will she choose? A story about being …

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the giant who cried waterfalls

The Giant Who Cried Waterfalls – Against her parents’ wishes, Bonnie travels to the top of the mountain to see what is causing the twin waterfalls. Her discovery creates an ethical dilemma and the start of an epic over-sized adventure. A beautiful story with heart-warming values. By: Stuart Baum     See more of these books …

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