Raj the Rambling Radiator – Boodlebobs Episode 01

Raj the rambling radiator boodle bods coverRaj is a radiator, but he cares a lot about all his friends. He wants to make everyone warm. Tim the tea towel gets a bit cold, and the pink flamingo loses an egg, flip a doodle, let’s not let the egg get cold! This exciting tale is a short fun read, with an important life lesson about being kind to others and helping out, and some of fun activities at the end.


Excerpt from Raj the Rambling Radiator

This is a story all about Raj. And yes, he’s a radiator.
It didn’t matter how hot it was, it could never be too hot for Raj – so it
was just as well he was a radiator.

“Bring me damp towels!” he called from across the hall, “Bring me
wet washing and socks!”

Anything that was cold.. or damp… or just plain soaking wet..

loved Raj. And there was always room for one more on top.

Timmy – his friend – had been hanging out on the line and had got frozen. “I think..…… I think…I’m getting AH…AH… ATISHOO…  …..A cold.” He sneezed. “Come and sit on my head while I find you some honey for your cold,” said Raj kindly. And with Timmy on his head, they went into the garden. “I need some honey,” he called. And Big Fat Bee came and landed beside him. “Follow me,” said Big Fat Bee and led Raj towards the rhododendron bush.
(ROW-DOW-DEN-DRUN is how you say it.)

<end of excerpt>

About the Author

Jo Kemp is a British author who primarily writes children’s fiction. She became known for writing the original series of ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ and ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ for Cosgrove Hall Films.

She went on to write ‘Boodle Books’ published by Thurman of Mr. Men fame before setting up her own production company which produced the popular children’s TV series ‘The Raggy Dolls’ as well as countless TV commercials and brand films over 25 years.

Jo is a fully fledged member ot the Writers’ Guild and will complete the first in a fantasy trilogy for publication in 2019.


Children’s author Jo Kemp believes not. When she wrote the original scripts for Chorlton and the Wheelies and Jamie and the Magic Torch in the late 70’s she adopted a gentle, narrative style with little regard for political correctness and both series attracted a cult following. She continued in this style when she wrote Boodle Books published by Thurman who were responsible for Mr Men.

Fast and furious programmes then took the market and the more traditional approach to storytelling took a back seat other than timeless classics and well-marketed formulaic concepts but there was a need for something different.

Boodle Books had a temporary reprise when they were re-launched as Hoo Ha House but the time and circumstances still weren’t right. Together with the Writers’ Guild, Jo reclaimed the rights along with some 23,000 residual books which she distributed at her own cost, free of charge to local schools, hospitals and Barnados.

At her son Luke’s insistence, due to his belief in the stories he’d grown up with, he convinced Jo not to leave it there and that the best vehicle to get the stories out would be via Social Media.

We thank Jo for the chance to share these stories with more kids – please look out for more on YouTube. Here:

If you wish to read this story with subtitles you can simply click on the YouTube settings (cog) icon and select the subtitles, an amazing feature from YouTube community collaboration initiatives, thanks so much to Luke Kemp for making us aware of this feature.

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