Supercow: Colouring and Drawing Edition

super cow colouring and drawing editionSupercow colouring edition with pictures to colour and spaces for drawing. Supercow is short story based on the adventures of the alter-ego of a child’s favourite toy.

Author: Danielle Bruckert

See the original Engkish book Supercow I here:

And see the Spanish bilingual version og book Supercow I here:


About the Book Supercow colouring edition: A short story about a fictitious hero, Super Cow, combining imagination, the wonder of the original superhero themes, and children’s love of cuddly soft toys. Suitable for children 2-5 years, but children of all ages will love the colourful cute pictures and story.

The story is handwritten in a childlike style.

Excerpt: This is Cow. Cow is Cool! <End of page 1>

About the Author: Danielle wrote this book for her daughter about her favourite toy’s secret life. Danielle is a pilot who writes children’s books, and runs this website as a very cool hobby. You can see more of her books here:  http://www.freekidsbooks/danielle


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Comments 2

  • good book loved it thanks

  • Gaige.M writes:
    This book is fun to read to little kids, but for older kids it is not good or long, because it is so short

    JH writes:
    My kids LOVE this book. They love to draw Super Cow and it inspires them to write their own versions for fun!

    Akshara writes:
    I love this book

    Teo writes:
    Super Cow is very funny.