The Sun and the Places Where it Shines

Author: Thea Kinyon

Exert from The Sun and the Places Where it Shines: The sun, sometimes it feels to hot, or shines too bright, but without out it, the Earth would be cold, dark, and most noticeably…<end of page 1>

About the Author: Thea Kinyon created this book after taking an astronomy class in art school. A field trip to Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California inspired Thea to donate the proceeds of the book to them for continued space research.

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  • Really good book. My little boy and I read it together. He loves learning about the solar system. It’s art was beautiful, the information was really interesting for me to learn. If it ever gets published, it would be really nice to have a copy for my kids to read over and over again. Thank you for making this available to read.

  • Danielle writes:
    This is a really sweet book for learning about the planets and solar system, very well written and illustrated, well done!

    Kirstin writes:
    I think that it is great because kids who are reading this story are learning about the sun and solar system

    Malcolm J. Brenner writes:
    Colorful and vividly illustrated, this paperback takes young readers on a voyage to all the planets and space stones where our nearest star, the Sun, shines.

    Cassey writes:
    In this picture book, it teaches children about different planets in our solar system. The cartoon pictures make the book look colourful and bright as well as simple and sweet making it entertaining younger for readers. Although it is very factual explaining what planets are hotter and colder, regarding the title. But a few other fun facts about the planets also. For younger readers, they use descriptive language and compare planets colour and other distinct features to everyday things. The book can be downloaded or read online for free and the hard copy is only $15.00 which I think is great for all parents that want an educational but quick book to read to their kids. This book I rated it as 4 out of 5 stars.


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