Three, Four, and Five Letter Stories

By: Free Kids Books, Danielle Bruckert

This book was designed with struggling readers in mind. Stories with short words are easier to digest and help build confidence since all the words in each story are at the readers confidence level, they learn to sound out without struggling with longer words which make them scared. Three letter stories really reinforce CVC patterns. Four letter stories help blending skills as readers advance. Five letter stories consolidate concepts.

The book contains 2 three letter stories, one 4 letter and one 5 letter story. It is written in a large clear dyslexia friendly font (open dyslexic). The stories are meant to be fun while building strong reading skills.

Text and Images from 3,4 and 5 Letter Stories

Story 1 – three letter

Big Bug

I had a big bug; big bug had a me.

Big bug and I had fun all day.



Big bug dug, I dug too.

Big bug ran. I ran too.


Story 3 – four letter


Baby Seal


A big wave came –whoa!

Baby harp seal! Can you swim??!

You Can’t!?!

– What is baby harp seal to do?



<end of sample>

About the Author

Danielle is big fan of children’s literacy and kids books. She started creating her own books as a break from her rather technical profession as an airline pilot. Her recent learn sight words books were written specifically to address needs she saw in her own children’s journey to become readers. They are shared here to help other emerging readers to learn common word groups from the high frequency sight words lists, for free.

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Comments 15

  • It as simple as it is…easy for the kindergarten kids to read n understand

  • Thank you… It’s best for beginners.

  • because it is a best for beginners.

  • beautiful. simple and best way to get kids start reading independently

  • This book really engaged my class of 4 year olds. Being able to also purchase the book for Free was a relief when my lesson went wrong not being able to use forest school.

  • This was a great book to encourage learning in my classroom. Being able to also search up was super helpful when the lesson I had planned was not working.

  • It was super helpful for teaching reading and pronunciation.

  • Yes liked the book but need some more interesting 2-3 letter words reader book with interesting stories

  • It’s a great effort. Thanks for availing it for everyone.

  • Creative idea. And easy way to start with 2 and 3 letters liked it.

  • Big bug had a me?
    A cat and dog fly by?

    Hi Ishar thanks for your feedback, I am sorry, it’s not correct no, but it is meant to be just funny prose, and since it is aimed at 3 year-olds, the concept is more learning words not grammar. I can see your point especially the first one – The second line, can you elaborate? Fly is meant to be metaphoric here. Also the book is designed to be fun for toddlers. I was imagining that “Mummy can cats and dogs fly” would be quite amusing for discussion. Perhaps very advanced 3 year-olds can be taught metaphor?

  • Mary Danielle writes:
    The book is really good for my toddler. She is 4 years old and can read this very well. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS.

    Danielle writes:
    Thanks so much Mary Danielle! I am glad you like it, I found the same with my early readers, they enjoy the fact that ALL words are readable, it really gives them enjoyment and confidence.

    Palmer writes:
    Very good books for kids

    • Yes I agree 4 year olds really seem to take to the book my class have now read the book about 20 times and we have had to purchase a hard copy so they can have one to read in the book corner


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