Why Does A Poori Puff Up? – Baking Lesson

Why Does A Poori Puff Up?, Baking LessonIn Why Does A Poori Puff Up we have a fascinating science and baking lesson combined, all in one wonderful book.

This is a level 3 book, aimed for children who are learning to read on their own. Brought to us by Pratham’s Storyweaver.

Author: Varsha Joshi Illustrator: Sonal Gupta

Sample Text from Why Does A Poori Puff Up – Baking Lesson


Aditi and Aarav love pooris.
Halwa- poori, kheer-poori and shreekhand– poori. Yummy! Chhole-poori or aaloo-poori. finger-licking good!
Pooris are tasty, whatever you may eat them with! The smell of pooris frying! Oh, so wonderful. The sight of pooris swimming in hot oil! One look at golden, crispy, hot, puffed pooris and Aditi and Aarav rush to get the roundest and the most puffed ones.
But how does the poori puff?
Is there air inside? Who fills the poori with air?
Aditi and Aarav blow air into balloons, to make them puff up. Pa uses a pump to fill air in the tyre of his bicycle.

But Ma doesn’t seem to use any of these methods to puff the poori. She just fries them and they puff. Amazing!
Aditi and Aarav decide to observe, ask questions and find answers the next time pooris are made at home.

<End of sample – Science and Baking Lesson>

Baking Lesson

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