Wild Cat! Wild Cat! – Non Fiction for the Very Young

This book also makes a nice book for learning to read age children with a mix of repetition and new sound-out words.

Author: Sejal Mehta
Illustrator: Rohan Chakravarty


Text and Images from Wild Cat! Wild Cat!

Some wild cats have manes. Like the lion!

Some wild cats have spots.
Like the leopard and the leopard cat!

Some wild cats live high up in the mountains. Like the snow leopard and the Pallas’s cat!

Some wild cats live in the desert. Like the desert cat!

Some wild cats have hairy ears. Like the caracal and the lynx!

Some wild cats are the smallest wild cats in the world. Like the rusty-spotted cat!

Some wild cats look like house cats. Like the jungle cat and the golden cat!

But they are all wild cats!


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This is another great free creative commons non-fiction Level 1 picture book for young children, brought to us by Pratham and Storyweaver.

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