A Way with Dragons – Historical Welsh Fiction

a way with dragonsA Way With Dragons features the adventures of Welsh twins Cash and Cary and a small dragon. Recruited by the small dragon for an important task the twins travel back to the time of Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. An exciting fantasy adventure featuring Welsh and folk history and a few dragons.

Author: Nick Creech

Sample Text From the A Way With Dragons: 

The icy breeze trickled out of the woods, flowed down towards the River Usk and then on towards the small town of Abergavenny. The solitary old farm-house in its desolate winter garden shivered and huddled deeper into itself. An owl, hungry, cold and thoroughly disgruntled, hooted mournfully. It was the witching hour.
Inside, in her attic bedroom, Cary snuggled deeper under the covers. She was dreaming. It was summer and she and Cash were cooling off in the shallows at the bottom of the garden. The sun was hot, the sky blue, the puffy clouds purest white and it was altogether delightful. A waft of warm air tickled her nose. She brushed at it absently, refusing to open her eyes.
“Go away, Cash,” she murmured. “I just want to be quiet for a moment.”
The waft came again, and this time Cary sneezed. Still she refused to open her eyes. “Stop it,” she said crossly, and again: “Do stop it.”
“Not until you wake up,” a voice said, a voice that shouldn’t be in her dream, a strange voice, one that she didn’t know, speaking a language she could barely understand. <End of page 1>

About the Author: 

One of our popular writers for older children has several longer length books on out site. His book A Way with Dragons (formerly Here Be Dragons) is in our top 10 list and has been for some time with over 500,000 downloads. 

Nick Creech is a former newspaper journalist. He has two sons, both now successful and more-or-less responsible adults who still deign to talk to him from time to time in tones of kindly condescension. He has a wife who does the same, mostly.

Since leaving journalism he has written extensively for children, young adults and people of all ages who just enjoy a story.

“Read more Books By: Nick Creech


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