Annabella Crabtree Hostage, Volume 3

annabella crabtree hostageAnnabella Crabtree Hostage – Iblis, Prince of Darkness in the Other World, is demanding Annabella Crabtree be returned to his control. In an attempt to avoid a war between the Dark and the Light, she is betrayed and spirited to France in the time of Caesar’s Gallic wars where she must survive, dependent only on her own resources. Another great free book from Nick Creech – Number three, the final part in the Annabella trilogy, and also available for kindle at Nick’s Amazon site.

By: Nick Creech

Sample Text From Annabella Crabtree Hostage:

It was an ambush, a flat-out ambush. And unconscionable. Heaving a thankful sigh, the Sheikh, home again at last, had alighted on his beach and paused to savour the peace, the quiet, the blessed isolation. The New York clubs had been as stimulating and delightful as ever but somehow greatly more exhausting. He really was growing old, he reflected with a resignation tinged with melancholy. He was just beginning to luxuriate in the elegiac remembrance of things past when the harmony of the gentle lapping of the water and the gentle lapping of his thoughts was shattered by a voice imitating the sound of a chainsaw, yet to be invented.

About the Author: 

One of our popular writers for older children has several longer length books on out site. His book A Way with Dragons (formerly Here Be Dragons) is in our top 10 list and has been for some time with over 500,000 downloads. 

Nick Creech is a former newspaper journalist. He has two sons, both now successful and more-or-less responsible adults who still deign to talk to him from time to time in tones of kindly condescension. He has a wife who does the same, mostly.

Since leaving journalism he has written extensively for children, young adults and people of all ages who just enjoy a story.

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