Ammachi’s Amazing Machines – STEM Book for Early Grades

This story book provides great inspiration for science lessons after reading the story.

The story also contains lots of sound effects which are great for learning phonics.

This is a level 1 book brought to you by Pratham books, the Storyweaver platform, and author/illustrator Rajiv Eipe.

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Text and Images from Ammachi’s Amazing Machines







Watch out! Here they come!”



<End of sample>

Examples of simple machines used in Ammachi’s Amazing Machines:

Ammachi’s barfi was made using SIMPLE MACHINES!

Simple machines make it easier to do work.

There are six kinds of simple machines:

1. Inclined plane

2. Lever

3. Wheel and Axle

4. Wedge

5. Pulley

6. Screw

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