Can you Imagine – A Story About Dream

Can you ImagineCan you Imagine – A Story About Dream. Once there was just dream, nothing else, but the dream, but the dream started to think about all the things that might be. And….the more the dream imagined, the more things became. Delightful words and colourful pictures describe this quirky dream.

By: Ilyhana Kate Kennedy


 Sample from Can you Imagine – A Story About Dream


Sample from Can you Imagine, A Story About DreamI want to tell you a story…
a story about perky possums and flip-flop frogs.
It’s a story about slippery slidey snails, tall tall
trees and willy wagtails.
It’s a story about absolutely everything.

It’s a story about stripey skins on
zig-zag zebras, about big-eyed hooty
owls at night and dazzling daisies by day.
Oh, and it’s about people too, you and me.
It might be a true story
or it might be just pretend.
Maybe I heard it somewhere or maybe
I just dreamed it up one night.

<end of sample>

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  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Lovely language, and beautiful drawings.

    Jolene writes:
    Creative story, great rhyming and beautiful art.

    Ms. Nusser’s 1st Grade Class writes:
    We liked this book because… * it had a lot of detail * it had a big rainbow * we could use our imagination * there were different animals * it was creative * there were cool pictures * we love the Earth * the Earth looked big Thank you!

    Edward writes:
    This was a wonderful colourful book of our world that we live in and if you can imagine it or dream it, maybe it will come true.


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