Can you Imagine – A Story About Dream

By: Ilyhana Kate Kennedy


 Sample from Can you Imagine – A Story About Dream


It’s a story about stripey skins on
zig-zag zebras, about big-eyed hooty
owls at night and dazzling daisies by day.
Oh, and it’s about people too, you and me.
It might be a true story
or it might be just pretend.
Maybe I heard it somewhere or maybe
I just dreamed it up one night.

<end of sample>

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Comments 1

  • Danielle (site editor) writes:
    Lovely language, and beautiful drawings.

    Jolene writes:
    Creative story, great rhyming and beautiful art.

    Ms. Nusser’s 1st Grade Class writes:
    We liked this book because… * it had a lot of detail * it had a big rainbow * we could use our imagination * there were different animals * it was creative * there were cool pictures * we love the Earth * the Earth looked big Thank you!

    Edward writes:
    This was a wonderful colourful book of our world that we live in and if you can imagine it or dream it, maybe it will come true.


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