Cat Egg – Three letter words from Bo Books

cat egg bo books three letter storiesCat Egg is a three letter word book from Bo Books. This is among the easiest possible stories, making it a good way to learn reading. Every word is no longer than three letters.

The first step in learning to read is a big one: from single letters to whole words. That’s a lot to ask of young children. To make the transition to reading as simple and easy as possible, why not use the shortest words possible, at least in the very first books that children read? How short can words be and still make a story? Three letters? Two letters?

The first books in The Bo Books series, “Y” and “Bo, Go Up!”, use one-letter “words” or two-letter words to tell a very simple story, with characters, action, and humor, to help young children cross the threshold into the world of reading. After reading them on their own, children may feel proud at their accomplishment. Next, let them read the final book in The Bo Books series, “Cat Egg,” which uses words of up to three letters.

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Bo Go Up - More two letter words story

Bo Go Up

Author: Larry Baum

Bo Go Up is the second book in a series of a single letter, three letter, and, two letter stories from Bo Books. If you were learning to read a new language, you’d start with short words. When we teach children to read, we should do the same. Bo Books teaches children to read using short words.

We Go to Bo - One and two letter words storyWe Go To Bo

Author: Larry Baum

In We Go to Bo, a visit to Bo’s with Ma leads to lots of fun and bubbles. A beautifully illustrated book written completely in words of two letters or less. A great book to build confidence and blending for early readers, and a short fun book for very young children, struggling readers, and early readers.

Y - single letter word storyY

Author: Larry Baum

In a follow up to the popular We Go To Bo by Larry Baum, Bo Books provides this single letter book, Y – did you even know it could exist? This can be great fun for children who know the alphabet and have learned the letter names, to differentiate between the names of the letters and their sounds.

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