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Common sounds and spelling workbook

This workbook is designed simply to help reinforce common sounds and high-frequency words. Using lists of common words and sounds is the basis of reading programs for emerging readers. The repetition of common high-frequency words helps immensely for those who are struggling to read or have difficulty with English spelling. It comprises primarily of lists of short vowel words simple CVC and with more complex sounds, long vowel words, common tricky words, and more.

The words are presented in tables for learning to spell and have a vowel sorted table and a mixed up table to reinforce the sounds and letter recognition. This file is also available in open dyslexic text and editable text.

The series has three books, each in pdf, online, and editable versions, see the links below. All books are CC-NC licensed.

FKB Spelling and Writing Workbook 1 – G1

FKB Spelling and Writing Workbook 2 – G1

(THIS BOOK) FKB Spelling and Writing Workbook 3 – G1

FKB Spelling and Writing Workbook 1 – G1, Editable File

FKB Spelling and Writing Workbook 2 – G1, Editable File

FKB Spelling and Writing Workbook 3 – G1, Editable File

This book is also available in an all open dyslexic font.

Here below is an example of CVC table from the book.






an bed in box cup
cat net tip hot bud
ran hen him rod run
had wet lid dog cut
tap ten bin fox rut
jam peg pig not mug
man pen zip log sun
bat let fix rot bus
sad beg hid cot bug
map bet wig fog mud
bag leg jig lot mum
mad red tin pop hut
rag web lip dot bun
bad jet fit jot nun
tan fed six bog nut

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