Common Sounds and Spelling Dyslexic Font

Common spelling workbook dyslexicDyslexic font common spelling and sounds workbook 3 is designed to reinforce common sounds.

The lists are simple and repetitive, perfect for reluctant or dyslexic readers. It is also perfect for those starting out with learning the complexities of English spelling.

It comprises primarily of lists of short vowel simple words (CVC), followed by more complex sounds (CCVC, CVCC), long vowel words, vowel blends, common tricky words, and more.

The words are presented in tables for learning spelling and have a vowel sorted table and a mixed up table to reinforce the sounds and letter recognition.

About the Open Dyslexic Font

This file is the open dyslexic font common spelling and sounds workbook, which has been proven to be easier to read for many dyslexic readers. The file is available in a comic sans font on our home page, (comic sans a style more transportable and very similar to a print font),

Editable Version

Dyslexic font common spelling and sounds workbook editable file is also provided here:


This file is provided for use by educators and home schoolers, so that the file can be copied, modified, and re-used in the most effective way by the user.

Editable files may have formatting changes, see the pdf version of this book on our home page, here:

About Creative Commons Books

The file is provided copyright free so as to help the most people, however, it is in Creative Commons CC-BY-SA attribution, so it is free to be used in any manner, even commercially, however, you need to attribute the resulting work as directed (In this case, the work should be attributed to, and, the resulting work must be shared in creative commons in a similar manner (CC-SA or CC-NC) etc.

See more creative commons books on FKB here:


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