English Banana Big Activity Book – ELA or ESL Worksheets

English activity bookThe Big Activity Book by English Banana contains over 90 activities with over 130 pages including some really helpful items such as rhyming words (similar sounds different spellings), games and activities, and all worksheets have answers too. The activity book can suit English Grade 2 to 3 level or English second language students upper beginner to intermediate. All exercises also have answers at the end and there’s also some helpful word lists, and even some fun activities and games.

This amazing resource is available in the public domain by its creators, you can thank the creator Matt Purland, an English Teacher and perveyor of many free English resources by visiting or Matt’s other site which also has tons of free ESL, ELA, and ELL resources.

The big activity book contains abstract nouns, advanced spelling challenge alphabet quizzes, bingo game cards, commonly misspelled words, create a wordsearch, design a board game, famous quotations, games for the classroom, international phonetic alphabet (IPA), making short presentations, quick quizzes, reading comprehension tests, rhyming words, slang terms, troubling tenses, using determiners. . . and much, much more! See the full contents list and some sample pages below.

Download the full Big Activity book in pdf version or read the flipbook of this book full of worksheets online by selecting the green tabs (download pdf or read online) below the post.

Contents from Big Activity Book of ELA and ESL Worksheets

i Introduction
ii Contents
1 Grammar SkillsEnglish activity book
big activity book Contents
1 What’s the Infinitive…?
2 Troubling Tenses – Past Simple vs. Present Continuous 1
3 Troubling Tenses – Past Simple vs. Present Continuous 2
4 Troubling Tenses – Past Simple vs. ‘going to’ 1
5 Troubling Tenses – Past Simple vs. ‘going to’ 2
6 Troubling Tenses – Mixed Tenses 1
7 Troubling Tenses – Mixed Tenses 2
8 The Funny Noise – Irregular Verbs in the Past Simple Tense
9 Using Conjunctions – Mix & Match Cards 1
10 Using Conjunctions – Mix & Match Cards 2
11 Singular and Plural Nouns 1
12 Singular and Plural Nouns 2
13 Using Determiners 1
14 Using Determiners 2
15 Using Determiners 3
16 Vocabulary Skills
16 The Joy of Abstract Nouns 1
17 The Joy of Abstract Nouns 2
18 Emotions and Feelings 1
19 Emotions and Feelings 2
20 Common Idioms 1
21 Common Idioms 2
22 Understanding Quantities 1
23 Understanding Quantities 2
24 Shopping List – Mixed-up Quantities
25 Family Matters (gap-fill) 1
26 Family Matters (gap-fill) 2
27 My Relatives
28 Word Pyramid – Parts of a Sentence
29 Adjectives and Synonyms 1
30 Adjectives and Synonyms 2
31 Advanced Homophones 1
32 Advanced Homophones 2
33 Onomatopoeia – List of Noisy Words
34 Onomatopoeia – Noisy Words
35 Talking about the Weather 1
36 Talking about the Weather 2
37 Spelling Skills
37 100 Commonly Misspelled Words
38 Be the Spell-checker 1 – Going on Holiday
39 Be the Spell-checker 2 – Shopping List
40 Be the Spell-checker 3 – Giving Directions
41 Be the Spell-checker 4 – School Days
42 A Letter to Aunt Monica
43 Advanced Spelling Challenge 1
44 Advanced Spelling Challenge 2
45 Advanced Spelling Challenge 3
46 Advanced Spelling Challenge 4
47 Seeing the Sights in London
48 Reading Skills
48 Any Answers 1
49 Any Answers 2
50 Any Answers 3
51 Any Answers 4
52 Any Answers 5
53 Reading Comprehension 1 – Bob Hunter’s Family
54 Reading Comprehension 2 – The Car Thief
55 Reading Comprehension 3 – A Lazy Holiday or an Exciting Holiday?
56 Reading Comprehension 4 – What Shall We Do Tomorrow?English activity book
57 Reading Comprehension 5 – Looking for a Job
58 Reading Comprehension 6 – How Much Money Do They Have?
59 Reading Comprehension 7 – When’s Your Birthday?
60 Reading Comprehension 8 – Checking Train Times
61 Reading Comprehension 9 – First Day in Class
62 Reading Comprehension 10 – What’s the Right Time?
63 Speaking & Listening Skills
63 Class Survey Template
64 A Fair Price?
65 Talking about a Picture or Object
66 Research Skills
66 Quick Quiz 1
67 Quick Quiz 2
68 Quick Quiz Template
69 Alphabet Quiz 1
70 Alphabet Quiz 2
71 Alphabet Quiz 3
72 Wordsearch Fun
73 Design a Board Game
74 Interesting Place Names 1
75 Interesting Place Names 2
76 Classic Books 1
77 Classic Books 2
78 The Life of Charles Dickens
79 An A-Z of English Slang Terms – Part 1
80 An A-Z of English Slang Terms – Part 2
81 Australian English Slang Terms – Part 1
82 Australian English Slang Terms – Part 2
83 Famous Quotations
84 Holidays and Special Days in the UK
85 Bingo Game Cards
86 Games for the Classroom Speaking & Listening Skills
86 I-Spy
Class Secrets
Simon Says
Party Invitations Something’s Different Whispering Trees
87 What’s Going On…?
My Butler Went To Meadowhall
What’s In The Bag…?
The Yes/No Game
88 Audio Pictures
Our Living Photo Album
Reading and Writing Skills
Ace Anagrams Hangman
What Time Is It On…?
89 Board Game Boffins Ten Things
What Shops Sell What…?
Vocabulary Building
Name And Explain
90 What Is It…? What Am I…?
Grammar Skills
A Capital Game
Interesting Articles
The Instant Story Generator
Action Games
91 Balloon Rodins
Dead Heat
Get A Move On
92 Rhyming Words
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) – vowels and diphthongs
102 Answers to Worksheets and Notes for Use

For more fun worksheets, games and quizzes log onto now!

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