Gecko on the Wall

Gecko on the Wall – “There’s a gecko on my wall”, says the narrator, what sort of other geckos will we see in this beautiful rhyming book about imagination and friendship. Suitable for reading to pre-school children, or reading by children learning to read.

Author: Danielle Bruckert

Excerpt: There’s a gecko on my wall. I don’t mind him there at all. Lying quietly watching me. He is quite good company.

About the Author: Danielle Bruckert is the creator of Free Kids Books. She writes mainly for young children, and pilots.

Read along with the video of Gecko on the Wall here:


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  • It educate children easily

  • […] has been translating many of our books into Spanish. I’ve just received this file with Gecko on the Wall, a short rhyming book, translated into […]

  • loved the rhyming of the book good for little kids

  • I loved the story and all the rhyming

  • Thanks so much for all your comments! I’ve been so inspired by the feedback and after trying these out on my own (not so interested) and some school visits (more successful:-), this book has really grown on/with me. -Yes geckos do prefer temps around 20degC and above, so I’ve learnt, I’ve also had a great deal of fun with the kids trialling activities (my fridge is full of gecko magnets!). Here’s a link to the extended version with lots of gecko facts and activities:

  • My little guy loved the book. He tried drawing a gecko after we read it, and we looked up a couple lizard books to figure out the different kinds. I guess gecko’s are a kind of lizard. I’ve seen them on the streets in Miami, but not up in the northeast. I think they prefer warmer climates, and Boston weather is too chaotic.

  • I’ve downloaded Gecko On The Wall! Your gecko is so cute, and the story is funny. I’m excited to share it with the little boy I nanny tomorrow. He loves lizards, but we don’t have geckos here in Boston 🙂 I think your site is providing a truly wonderful service. Editor (and author): Thanks so much for your comments Marcie, and thanks for your book submission!

  • I read it on a Kindle. Normally .pdf files look terrible, but this one rocks! I plan to use it in the classroom and see if my class agree with me that this is a really great book to share and read! I am so excited about it. The great thing about it being a pdf files is the children can easily change the scale, making it a great class reader.

  • I read the Gecko on the wall and it is very nice for children just being introduced to reading. My 3 year old is much more advanced but I can use this book when he starts reading because there is a lot of rhyme and repeat – just what they need.

  • There is a lovely independent review for Gecko on the Wall at Ebookit, Here’s an extract of the book related parts, “This is a children’s book aimed at toddlers. The pictures are brightly colored and the the subjects are easily identifiable. Each page of text is prefaced by the picture of a gecko in the described story. The sections of storyline are simple enough to be read easily and have good rhythmic elements which give the story a flowing quality. The rhyme is not perfect, but I do not believe it was intended to be, instead having the rhythm adding to the words. The words connect with the pictures with situations that are easily recognizable. The story winds up by reiteration of the storyline and concluding with the the original subject and a poignant message of preference and friendship.”


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