In Mama Antelope’s House we see lots of repetition which makes it a great early reader, or just a fun story for young children. Hare plays a trick on the other animals, can they get into Mama Antelope’s House? Who is making all the noise? Find out more, learn a lesson in manners, and have …

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my body colouring book

My Body – Colouring Book is a Fun colouring book with action phrases (verbs) about the body. This is suitable for a kindergarten level and the English level makes it a nice simple book for beginner readers or ESL learners. This is a Pratham level 1 book and has fun pictures perfect for young artists …

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What is Elephant doing? And is he really naughty? Find out in this cute, beautifully illustrated text for young children. Repetition and simple language can also be useful for learn to read age. Sample Text from Elephant, Naughty Elephant What is Elephant doing, can you guess? Elephant, naughty Elephant, what are you doing? Why, I’m …

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The Bubble mystery - where do bubbles in the bath come from

The Bubble Mystery explores Toot Toot the goat’s mystery adventure when she tries to find out where bubbles come from, can you guess? Young children will find the tale immensely amusing. This picture book was created by Room to Read, and this version is from Storyweaver. Download the epub version here, The Bubble Mystery epub. …

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how to be happy

10 life lessons on how to be happy by 10 friendly animal characters, including sight words and activities, perfect for school use, in a pdf and editable children’s book released under CC-BY-NC.

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Enjoy this bumper book of 57 nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and songs for circle time. If you enjoyed this book see more books like this in our nursery rhymes section.  

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Under the Sea - Learn Sight Words

Under the Sea, Learn Sight Words – Editable version – Under the Sea is a book designed to learn sight words, with around 25 common sight words and only 45 words in total, it’s a great book for young children learning to read. This file is for editing the book in open office format (file …

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The Alphabet Book Print Version – A pdf version of the Alphabet Book, which is available in odw format (open office drawing),  for printing directly unmodified. The editable version is available here: LINK       See more Alphabet Books below    

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Khan Maths K-12 Online Lessons Quizzes

Khan Academy Maths has an amazing set of comprehensive online maths resources. These K12 online maths resources include lessons and quizzes perfect for teaching and testing mathematics in K-12 schooling. These Khan Academy mathematics resources are separated into grade 1 to grade 8 then high-school maths is separated into subjects. Each subject has topic lessons …

CK-12 Foundation Open Textbooks Flexbooks

The following post links to some of the amazing “Flexbooks” and online resources from the CK-12 Foundation material. Each flexbook contains many different topics suitable for different syllabii. The link to CK-12 provides access to the master list of online resources in each subject. Flexbooks and downloads are available for customised resources extracted from these …

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