NOAA Science Activity Textbook

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This NOAA Science Activity Textbook is a public domain resource, thanks to the US NOAA, you are free to use it in any way you need to!

Contents from NOAA Science Activity Textbook

Introduction 8
Boat Building Challenge 9
Make Your Own Astrolabe 12
Make Your Own Compass 16
Tied Up in Knots 18
Who’s Blue Peter? 22

Introduction 55
Follow That Hurricane! 56
Build Your Own Weather Station 61
Build an Anemometer 62
Build a Weather Vane 64
Build a Barometer 66
Build a Screened Thermometer 67
Build a Hygrometer 67
Build a Rain Gauge 69
Be a Citizen Weather Reporter 70
Tornado in a Bottle 73
Rip Currents 76
Be a Tree Ring Detective 78

Introduction 97
Fish Fetch 98
The Ocean Drugstore 100
Who Trashed the Ocean? 103
It All Runs Downhill 106
Toxic! Or Is It? 108
Invasive Species Super Sleuth 110
Your Alien Dodecahedron 111
Endangered Species Origami 118
What Are the Impacts of Shrinking
Polar Ice Caps? 123
Following the Ocean Unicorn 128
Make an Edible Coral Reef 133
Now THAT’s Complex! 139
Fixing Our Earth 142




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