ABC’s of Biodiversity – A Truly Amazing Alphabet

Each page has one word, each letter has 10 images, that is 260 full colour photographs on 286 pages. Some really amazing names, who knew one could even find 10 beautiful images for X….

Curated by Ryan Somma

This book is another tool in the myriad strategies we parents use to teach our children. The ebook format allows something print books don’t: an alphabet book with 10 examples of each letter. This means there are 260 images in this book. That can be quite overwhelming, but that’s nothing compared to the Earth’s actual biodiversity.

There are a lot of ways you can read this book with your children. You can pick a letter to more deeply immerse in for a sitting. You can read through the pages and slides quickly, enjoying the occasional alliterations and novel syllable sounds. You can pick an animal as a launching point for further exploration. Or you could even download the source files and add/remove organisms to your liking. Teaching should be about parents having fun as much as children. Have fun with it.

This book was curated entirely out of my gut-feelings. Organisms were added and removed based on their novelty, sounds in their names, and availability. You’ll notice that some letters get a little erudite, resorting to taxonomy names and overly-exotic name to reach 10 example. I apologize for that, but it’s also an opportunity for readers to quest for more organisms themselves.

The “by Ryan Somma” in this book is quite the overstatement. All I have done is to compile the photographs of generous flickr users who have licensed their work Creative Commons, allowing me to use them in this book under the conditions that I provide credit and not ask for payment. This book is free for you to use, the Power Point File is available at my website for you to take and modify, and links to all original photos are provided in the back of the book. Please respect the licenses as they are listed on their source-pages.

Most of all: Enjoy!


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