The Jealousy Germ – A perfect picture book for elementary school emotion intelligence lessons

This entertaining children’s book shows how negative emotions can affect us and wreak havoc in our lives. The story makes a perfect lesson for elementary children about emotions and feelings. This is ideal for early grades and lends to many great exploratory questions and emotional topics for sharing or journaling.

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Sample text from The Jealousy Germ by 

Emilius, the baker, and his assistant Bekim would very often talk with the materials they used in their recipes: the flour, the sugar, the cheese, the salt, the olive oil, the yeast, the butter, the raisins, the sesame, and a whole lot of others. Together, they were a great team; they got on well with one another and always helped each other.

And all was well until, late one night, the terrible jealousy germ stepped into the bakery.


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Ideas for Exercises:

What should you do if you feel jealous? Write down or discuss three ideas.

When was a time you felt a bad emotion, and what was it? Write or discuss how you felt and what you could have done to change the way you were feeling.

Think of a time when you were feeling badly towards someone else, did you act on the emotion? What happened? What could you have done differently?


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