Bee Not So Busy

bee not so busyBee Not So Busy – isn’t like the other bees, she doesn’t like to be busy, but when she looks for a different way, she makes some interesting discoveries. This book is brought to you in Creative Commons by Gita Reddy.

By: Gita V. Reddy



Text and Images from Bee Not So Busy

Busy bees, Bee Not So BusyAll day long the Busy-Bees flew from hive to flower and back to hive, gathering pollen and nectar.

Their wings beat so fast that they caused a buzz!

“Look at us! We’re humming with activity!” they sang.

Bee Not So BusyBee-Not-So-Busy was different from the other bees.

“Why don’t bees enjoy the garden like the other insects?” she wondered.

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  • Fantastic for teaching about bees and other insects

  • Awesome, stories. I love this site

  • I love the illustrations, so need the time to try this style again for my own books! alas time….I also love the concept of being different and searching for your path, but emphasizing the need to work hard and be with the group, and that what seems like a good thing isn’t always.

  • Tabitha Rinehart writes:
    This was a great book. My daughter enjoyed me reading it to her very much. I enjoyed the book also.

    Vince writes:
    My son enjoyed the book.

    Maree writes:
    IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

    Rosemary writes:
    Love the book. Help teach the children about insects 🙂