Beekle Henry

By: Nick Creech



Sample Page from The Book:


To Beekle Henry’s way of thinking, resting was just about the only activity, with the
possible exception of eating, that really befitted his… well, not to put too fine a point on it… his ellipsoid rotundity. Not that Beekle Henry knew what ellipsoid rotundity actually meant. Dear me, no. If ever he wanted to think about ellipsoid rotundity, he would have to ask Slimy to look it up. Helix Aspersa that is, but Slimy for short.

I’ll tellyou about him in a minute or two. Beekle Henry was lazing away the morning in his hammock. It was a particularly comfortable hammock made from best spider web slung between two convenient stalks of grass, and Beekle Henry was just the sort of insect to make best use of it. It wasn’t that he was lazy exactly, just that he liked to rest a lot. With his eyes closed. Snoring gently.

About the Author: 

One of our popular writers for older children has several longer length books on out site. His book A Way with Dragons (formerly Here Be Dragons) is in our top 10 list and has been for some time with over 500,000 downloads. 

Nick Creech is a former newspaper journalist. He has two sons, both now successful and more-or-less responsible adults who still deign to talk to him from time to time in tones of kindly condescension. He has a wife who does the same, mostly.

Since leaving journalism he has written extensively for children, young adults and people of all ages who just enjoy a story.

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