Burly and Grum : The Secret City

By: Kate Tenbeth

Text from Burly and Grum The Secret City


The river glistened and sparkled in the sunlight as it hurried on its way to the sea. Dragonflies dipped and darted across the surface, their wings buzzing noisily. Willow trees along the bank draped their long branches lazily into the
water while nearby ducks dived and bobbed and waggled their tail feathers.

Burlington Bear (Burly to his friends) stood in the shallows of the river under the cool shade of a large oak tree. He was staring as if hypnotised at the river, sure that at any moment a large, fat fish was going to swim by. Just a few yards upstream was Grum the groblin who was up to his ears in mud. Literally.

Mud for a groblin was apparently the best thing in the world. Burly knew this because on the way to the river Grum had talked endlessly about how wonderful mud was and how the thicker, blacker and stickier it was the better. Personally, Burly always tried to avoid mud because it stuck to his fur and he was very proud of his thick, glossy coat but he’d tried to look interested as Grum had chattered on.

All Burly could see of Grum now were his eyes, the tips of his ears and the top of a red straw that he used to breathe through. His lucky straw he called it. Burly liked peace and quiet. He liked fish. He knew he wasn’t having any luck catching fish because his human friend, Max, who was a just a few yards upstream of Grum was scaring them away. As soon as they’d arrived at the river, Max had run up and down along the river bank like an excited puppy until he’d discovered a tree that had fallen so that part of it hung over the river like a dive board.

He’d whooped with delight at the discovery and immediately raced along the tree trunk and dive bombed into the water. He’d spent almost an hour doing this and each time emerged from the water with a huge smile and a
sparkling clean body. One clean friend, one muddy friend thought Burly

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