Everyone Has a Right to a Bath – STEM

Everyone has a right to a bath STEMEveryone Has a Right to a Bath is a STEM story with a wonderful introduction to the engineering problem-solving process. Mrs Earthworm wants a hot bath, and Mr Earthworm needs to work out how to make it happen for her.

Author and Illustrator: Cyrille Largillier

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This book was broght to us by Storyweaver’s community of contributors in creative commons, CC-BY-SA.

Everyone Has a Right to a Bath Text


Mrs Earthworm is angry. She is fed up of being covered in mud and never being able to have a proper bath.
She insists that her husband install a bathtub with running water.

The bathtub is easy to make. Mr Earthworm finds an old flower pot lying in the kitchen garden. He patches up the few holes and some gaps.
And it’s done!

The installation of running water at their home was quite another thing. The first attempt was with straws connected to the surface. But the flow was too weak and during heavy rains the mud rose obstructing the mouth of the pipes.

He improved his device by connecting a garden hose directly onto a drainpipe. The flow was absolutely satisfactory.

But this water was not suitable for Mrs Earthworm. She finds that it had too much residue, is not clear enough and does not smell good.

Everyone has a right to a bath STEM

There was another more important problem that dampened Mrs Earthworm’s craving for a bath – the temperature. The water is too cold!

Mr Earthworm got back to work and added a filter and a handmade water heater.

Now it’s perfect. Mrs Earthworm can finally relax in the bath that she so wanted.


<End of Everyone has a Right to a Bath>

You can also see an extended version of this book, modified to include a reservoir and a tap, and with a gender reversal, here:

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Comments 2

  • yes, it was really good. I liked the story really much.

  • I love it! But I’d just so like to change it to Mr Earthworms bath and Mrs Earthworm’s plumbing work, to change the gender biases slightly :-), and include a reservoir and stop cock for the water. If I have time I’ll so try to create a vew version of this, that is the magic of CC-BY 🙂