Pink Flowers

By: Danielle Bruckert and Zehnya Bruckert


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  • Yes, I liked this book. I am keen on flowers, I enjoy looking at them, picturing them, and looking after them in my small pots. As a E2L teacher it has given me ideas to bring into the classroom had I the techs required. Thank you indeed!

  • Wow I love pink and this book is amazing

  • Kelly Louise Seal writes:
    A beautiful book that teaches Children with bright pictures and fun facts.

    What a stunning way to spread the important message of early Breast Cancer detection. As a Breast Cancer survivor myself if you are reading this review please take the message to heart. A delightfully informative little book.

    kanika writes:
    Lovely collection of pictures and facts.

    Kitty writes:
    I love flowers and pink is my favorite colors


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