Creating Wildflowers – Colouring Book

By: Danielle Bruckert


Text and Images from Creating Wild flowers – Colouring Book

Wild Ginger (Asarum Caudatum):
(British Columbia wild ginger, western wild ginger, long-tailed wild ginger) A perrenial, evergreen ground cover, growing under the shade of forest canopies in western North America. In spring, it develops beautiful rust coloured flowers, often hiden underneath the large reniform (kidney/heart shaped) leaves, which stem from long rhizomes (roots). The leaves emit a pleasant ginger-citrus aroma when crushed. Once established the plant is self sufficient, relatively drought hardy, slug resistant, and although prefering shady areas it can survive almost anywhere. A great plant for the garden!


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  • How do I get to read this? I selected download it read completed. But nowhere did I see a picture of the book or start etc. So what must I do? My printer is not working hooking up w pc or Kendall. Hope you can help. Bridgette

    • Hi, when you click on download it should appear in the browser, or in your “downloads folder” sometimes both. If for some reason this did not work, then the solution is to right click the download button and select save as, this may work – but if both don’t work, then try a different browser. Can you advise, for my own fault finding which browser you were using? Of course it might just be a temporary internet delay, and try the button again, hope that helps?


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