Busy Bee’s Flower Friends

This book is a beautiful nature lesson and to top it off, at the end of the book there are some great exercises and suggested activities for flower recognition.

Author: Nicola Hawkins


Text and Images from Busy Bee’s Flower Friends

<end of page 3>

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Comments 6

  • It’s a lovely book. I wanted to use it to teach about what bees collect honey and nectar for, but sadly the book is inaccurate. NECTAR is used to make honey, not pollen. I am sure the book could be fairly easily edited to make the bee/flower relationship more accurate?

  • Very interesting book specially for the growing kids.

  • Very interesting read. I am sure my daughter will love it.

  • Very Nice to read for children

  • Danielle writes:
    I found this book really cute, and also a great way for children to learn about flowers. The pictures are childlike, yet display all the necessary attributes, which can be very appealing to children. I love the activities and exercises at the end of the book.

    Joselia Gomes writes:
    Also good for revising colours in esl teaching. Editor: Thanks for your feedback, I think a lot of the books, especially in our toddler and children categories make great ESL tools, I am learning a second language (my husbands first language) and so love reading children’s books in my new language, and trying to translate my own, right now I am very much still on the toddler level.

    Mario andres duron writes:
    I Loved The Book. I Am 6 Years Old

    Aliyah writes:
    I like it so much.


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