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The book contains 5 sight word copy and write lists for 20 words each from the first 100 high frequency word lists. There after there are sight words lists, a game, and a competency checklist based on the same first 100 sight words, followed by some digraph sounds lists from the British Grade 1 syllabus. the book is specifically designed for building confidence in sight words and for learning to read and spell. The first pages are designed primarily for printing (copy and write lists), while the remaining lists can also be used as an online resource.

Compiled by Free Kids Books and Danielle Bruckert

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Children usually start learning sight words in kindergarten or reception class – that is the year when they are around 4 years old.At this stage it’s so important to make learning fun, that games and activities with sight words are the absolute best way to reinforce them to start off.

As they grow and develop in age and maturity, sight word lists are quite important to re-inforce the fluency.

Although this list is designed for Grade 1, it contains essential words and sounds that must be reinforced for any struggling reader before they will become fluent. From experience with my struggling reader, continual repetition of high frequency and similar sounds was the important key to learning to read.

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