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spincy spider early grade fictionspincy-spider-early-grade-fictionIn Spincy Spider, an early grade fiction book, spincy spider longed to be like his famous like his great, great, great, grandfather Incy. Will he find out how? Read more in this short fiction book suitable for early grade children, including a new nursery rhyme.

Another great children’s storybook from Pratham books.

By: Herminder Ohri


Text and Images from Spincy Spider – Early grade fiction

Spincy SpiderIn the Far Forest, among the many hawthorn bushes lived a very small spider called Spincy. He is rather happy that his great, great, great grandfather was the spider of the “Incy wincy spider…” nursery rhyme. Spincy told this story to his friends Bret, the bettle and Bret’s brother Little Bit.

Spincy Spider

Bret and Little Bit did not have anyone famous in their family.

They had no time to think about such things.

The beetles were busy from morning to night, gathering food, helping in the house, staying out of harm’s way.Spincy Spider

Spincy was lucky.

All he did was spin a web, which was home and wait for the flies to get caught so he had plenty of time to think about being famous like his great, great, great grandfather.

Spincy Spider

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