Tiger's Delicious Treats

In Tiger’s Delicious Treats, tiger loves baking. Everyday tiger bakes pies, he desperately wants to sell them, but they don’t sell. Meanwhile, all the other animals smell the pies and desperately want to taste them but why don’t they buy the pies? Find out more in this amusing misunderstanding and more amusing solution. Will tiger …

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dolphin facts early non-fiction

Dolphin Facts provides some simple and interesting facts about dolphins for early grades. A perfect book for marine lovers with short texts and lots of images. Sample Text from Dolphin Facts – Early non-fiction The most common dolphin is the oceanic dolphin. The oceanic dolphin’s scientific name is Delphinidae. This is where the name Dolphin …

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Welcome to the Forest – A true story of a group of visually impaired students who go on a field trip to the forest, enjoy this tale of what they conceptualise through touch and sound. Sample Text from Welcome to the Forest Tulsa wishes she could visit a forest. Her teacher reads stories about tigers …

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Jemima Puddleduck kiwi opa version cover

The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck is another classic Beatrix Potter, presented in a unique new way for colourful online reading by Kiwi Opa. Jemima Puddleduck is annoyed because the farmer’s wife will not let her hatch her own eggs. Jemima runs away to find a suitable spot, and meets a ‘friend’ who offers to help. …

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where am I nature puzzle

Where am I? is a book which shows different animals camouflaged in their natural habitat, like a nature puzzle. Young children can have fun finding the animals on the page, if you make the images smaller initially and zoon in until the animal can be spotted it can be a fun game. Each animal has …

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at least I'm okay picture book about climate change

At Least I’m Okay tells a poignant story about an attitude that is too frequent among us related to climate change. In this important picture book about climate change, the main character, Una the mountain goat, ignores all the changes around her as her friends leave one by one, thinking, “At least I’m Okay”. The …

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the picturesque life of canela: the hooves

The Picturesque Life of Canela: The Hooves – Canela, a little goat, is afraid of trying new things, but bit by bit she will continue discovering how brave she really is. A lovely illustrated tale that teaches children to face their fears. By: N Miranda     See more books about animals below    

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bheema the sleepy head

Bheema The Sleepy Head – Bheema just can’t seem to wake up in the mornings, how will she solve this problem? Another great free kids book in Creative Commons from StoryWeaver and Pratham. By: Kiran Kasturia and Shweta Mohapatra   Text and Images from Bheema The Sleepy Head Bheema loves to sleep and just cannot get …

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A non fiction book all about cats, big and small, including review questions and a writing exercise at the end. This is a well presented and well written creative commons addition from Open Equal Free, categorised by OEF as Level 4. By: Michael A. Jones  

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here comes the camel children's poems Prayag Shukla

Acclaimed Hindi poet and journalist Prayag Shukla’s poems have enchanted young and old alike. This collection of 20 poems translated into English brings the joy of his writing to a new set of readers. The poems have bright imagery, sound effects, and clear often rhyming words, make these a perfect introduction to poetry for young …

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