Tiger’s Delicious Treats – Amusing misunderstandings among friends

Tiger's Delicious TreatsIn Tiger’s Delicious Treats, tiger loves baking. Everyday tiger bakes pies, he desperately wants to sell them, but they don’t sell. Meanwhile, all the other animals smell the pies and desperately want to taste them but why don’t they buy the pies? Find out more in this amusing misunderstanding and more amusing solution. Will tiger ever sell his pies?

Author: Nguyễn Trần Thiên Lộc
Illustrator: Lê Thị Anh Thư
Translator: Alisha Berger



Sample text from Tiger’s Delicious Treats

Tiger lives in a forest. He loves to bake.

Tiger's Delicious Treats

One day, he bakes a delicious batch of green bean pies. He loads them on a cart and goes to the stream to sell them.


The wind carries the aroma of pies through the air.





<End of Sample text from Tiger’s Delicious Treats>



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