The Book of the Cat

By: Maybell Humphrey, Elisabeth Bonsall

Excerpt from The Book of the Cat

From the time he was a tiny kitten Ebony had known no home, and such food as he had was picked up when and wherever he chanced to find it. He had won many and lost few of his many cat battles, but he did not like to fight and never didi it unless obliged to.

Snowall had never struck or received a blow in all of her carefully guarded life. Shew was finely bred Angora that had taken many prizes at the cat shows, while her meals – far from being irregularyl picked up – had always been brought to her on a silver tray as regularly as the sun rose – and considerably oftener!

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About the Illustrator: Elizabeth Fearne Bonsall was an american illustrator and painter Born on September 12, 1861. she displayed her talent on her works on The Book of Cats, The Book of Dogs and Pied Piper of Hamelin.

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  • I loved the book because I love cats. My family loves cats and we’ ve had many cats. I think they are the most delightful creatures on earth and it’s such fun to have them around. I wonder why so any people don’t like them.


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