The Jealousy Germ – A perfect picture book for elementary school emotion intelligence lessons

The Jealousy Germ - CC PicturebookThere’s a germ in the bakery shop, and he’s not a good germ. He’s spreading his jealousy disease amongst all the ingredients. Olive oil is jealous of butter, salt of sugar, and sugar of salt, each thinks the other is stealing the limelight, and no one wants to share. How far will the jealousy germ go?

This entertaining children’s book shows how negative emotions can affect us and wreak havoc in our lives. The story makes a perfect lesson for elementary children about emotions and feelings. This is ideal for early grades and lends to many great exploratory questions and emotional topics for sharing or journaling.

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Sample text from The Jealousy Germ by 

jealousyThere was once a small and famous bakery store, “Emilius’s bakery”. Customers had to wait in a long line to buy the baker’s goodies.

Emilius, the baker, and his assistant Bekim would very often talk with the materials they used in their recipes: the flour, the sugar, the cheese, the salt, the olive oil, the yeast, the butter, the raisins, the sesame, and a whole lot of others. Together, they were a great team; they got on well with one another and always helped each other.

And all was well until, late one night, the terrible jealousy germ stepped into the bakery.


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Ideas for Exercises:

What should you do if you feel jealous? Write down or discuss three ideas.

When was a time you felt a bad emotion, and what was it? Write or discuss how you felt and what you could have done to change the way you were feeling.

Think of a time when you were feeling badly towards someone else, did you act on the emotion? What happened? What could you have done differently?


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