The Sea – Playing with Waves

The SeaThe Sea a story about a girl and her family who went to the beach to escape the heat. She soon realizes how much fun it is playing with waves. This book has a lot of repetitive words with illustrations perfect for young children to learn new words.

This book is brought to us by BookDash and rated as English Level 2 licensed under creative commons.

Author: Nicola Rijsdijk Illustrator: Julie Smith-Belton

Text and Images from The Sea – Playing with Waves

Holiday on the beachOn a very hot day, on a holiday day, we go to the beach. To the sea. We go to the sea, my family and me.

Playing with WavesOn the edge of the sand is the water. That’s where my toes touch the sea.

The waves play a game. They say yes, I say no. They run up to meet me, and I run from the sea.

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