The 12 Days Of Christmas

12 days of christmasA beautifully illustrated rendition of the Christmas Carol, the 12 days of Christmas.

By: First Smile


On the first day of Christmas my True Love gave to me…

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The Christmas Goblin and the Elfling - The naughty Christmas Goblin is trying to steal the Christmas gifts, but can the Elfling outsmart him? Another beautiful Christmas story from T Ferries Sample Text from The Christmas Goblin and the Elfling Once, two elves were putting their elfling to bed. It was a dark and snowy night. The mother elf designed toys and ...
what is christmas picture book sightwords What Is Christmas? - What is Christmas all about? Is it the presents, and the candy, and the snow – do you even have snow? Or is it about sharing, giving, loving, and growth? Is it about toys or is it about family and fun? This short photo book is designed for young children and children learning to read, ...
the best christmas gift The Best Christmas Gift - The Best Christmas Gift brings us another wonderful adventure from Bubu, the small fox with a big heart. This time, it’s Christmas, and Bubu helps Santa with an important task. A very sweet and beautifully illustrated children’s story, with a nice moral to help children learn about values and rules. Many other Languages available at ...
Children's Christmas Story How Christmas Began - How did Christmas start? Perhaps a group of Elfs and fairies got together to share the spirit of giving and make magic happen? Find out in this cute illustrated free children’s book. Another great book from T Ferries.       Read Along with the video, here:  Spread the love
Observer Effect – A Christmas Story - Whizz-kid scientist Bradley Robinson knows precisely how to get more presents out of Santa. His plan involves lots of coffee and some electric shocks, neither of which Jack, his younger brother, is a fan of, but he doesn’t get much say in the matter. Of course, Santa isn’t the only person out and about in ...
A Cat for Santa - A kitten is tricked by a bad fairy and falls into a well. Fortunately, some good fairies hear her calls for help and rescue her. The kitten cannot remember where she came from so the good fairies take her back to their home at the North Pole where she helps Santa and Mrs. Claus. The ...
Sam's Christmas present curiosity patience story Sam’s Christmas Present – A story of curiosity and patience - Sam’s Christmas Present is a fun story about curiosity and patience over Christmas. Kids can’t wait for Christmas, and the curiosity can be too much, but it’s important to wait. This beautiful Christmas story was brought to us by Pratham and their Storyweaver platform. See more Christmas stories in our Christmas category. Author: Annie Besant ...
bad brad saves christmas Bad Brad Saves Christmas - Brad doesn’t believe in Father Christmas, and he doesn’t want anyone else to believe that nonsense either. He’s happiest when he’s making everyone else miserable. His parents aren’t bothered about Christmas either, so on Christmas Eve there’s no decorations in the house, no tree downstairs, no stocking hung up. But, whether Brad believes it or ...
sarah-sues-santa-PJ-Leonard Sarah Sues Santa - Sarah Sues Santa – Sarah Pebbleton has been an angel all year, writing to Santa and doing everything she’s told. But Santa still didn’t bring her exactly what she wanted! This is the last straw, Sarah furious, writes back to Santa, one more letter: to tell him she’ll be suing him. The reply Sarah gets ...
christmastime Christmas Time, the Perfect Christmas Rhyme - A father convinces his children to help him decorate their Christmas tree in the hope that they will remember the true joys of Christmas Time. This beautiful Christmas rhyme is perfect to share with the entire family during this festive time. By: Carmen Saptouw  Spread the love
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  • I liked it. The words were a little hard to read because the ink was fading.

  • puviraj writes:

    OHHKGNKLB writes:
    it was great I love Christmas.

    SANDUN writes:
    Nice… happy one

    surbhi writes:
    this colourfull book is very nice.i really like this

    scojanay writes:
    i love this book in i had a good merry chistmas

    carlara writes:
    this book was out standing like i cant beliveit

    cici robinson writes:
    I like this book because I love chrismas

    kierra redd writes:
    i love this book i can read this for hours

    Anne writes:
    Liked it very much

    DANIEL GALINDO writes:
    My son loved the book and as a parent it was very convenient to have him read online when we are limited on books in the house.


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