Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy – Essential Grammar Guidance for K12 ELA

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Brehe’s Grammar Anatomy – Contents

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Introduction: Grammar? What Grammar? v
1 Together Forever: Subjects and Predicates 1
2 The Indispensables: Nouns and Verbs 6
3 Get Tense: Verb Tense, Principal Parts, and Irregular Verbs 16
4 Tall, Dark, and Wordsome: Adjectives 30
5 Inevitably, Adverbs 41

6 Among the Prepositions 52
7 You and I and the Personal Pronouns 65
8 You Did What?: Verbs and Their Complements 81
9 All Together Now: Conjunctions, Compounds, and Subordinate Clauses 91
10 Sentencing Guidelines: Building Sentences with Clauses 113
11 Relative Clauses, Which We Need 126
12 I Know That You Know What They Are: Nominal Clauses 140
13 They’re So Dependent: Distinguishing Dependent Clauses147

14 What, More?: Verbs and Voice, Infinitives, and
Passive Complements 158
15 They’re So Common: More on Nouns 168
16 Zowie!: Interjections and the Eight Parts of Speech 179
17 Those Verbing Verbals: Gerunds and Participles 185
18 To Boldly Verb: Infinitives 197
19 What’s That?: More Pronouns 212
20 Many Things: (But no Cabbages or Kings) 221
21 Keeping Those Little Puncs in Line: A Brief Review
of Punctuation 233 Answer Key 251 Glossary 316 Index 338


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