Danny the Dragon

danny the dragonDanny the Dragon was always causing problems with his fire, so the other dragons decide to teach him a lesson. An unlikely friend helps him out.

This picture book is a cute and fun rhyming dragon tale with wonderful colourful illustrations.

Another great free kids book provided in creative commons by StoryWeaver and Pratham.

By: Rasana Atreya and Priya Kuriyan


You can listen and read along to Danny the Dragon in the clip below, the story is read aloud by Alina at the Lucky Hopper channel on Youtube, providing a fun storytime session, all words are easy to follow along with the clear and vibrant narration:


Text from Danny the Dragon

Danny the Dragon blew fire everywhere, Which hissed through the other dragons, right through their hair.
But Danny the Dragon – oh, he didn’t care! And the other dragons thought it wasn’t fair.

If Danny could blow fire, why couldn’t they? But try as they might, they couldn’t find a way.

No fire whooshed out of their nostrils or their mouths,
So they’d have to figure another way out.

Instead of blowing fire, why couldn’t Danny just burp?
Those other dragons – they had a plan that just might work.

When Danny came along, burning things away, Those other dragons, they plotted to lead him astray.

To a forest they took him, a surprise promised. Where Danny had a meal he very much relished.

A meal of mangoes, a most delicious fruit, Tasty to humans, but to dragons – a brute! All of it gone, not a single bit left,
The mango juice had done what it did best.

Danny could no longer blow fire and burn things. His fire was gone, his best things were now wings.

Danny the Dragon cried sadly,
“Why did they do this to me?”
Now all he could do was burp all day, With everyone else laughing away.

He flew over and sat in a field of red grass.
“Why are you so sad?” a voice asked.
A head popped up, it was the Chilly Monster.
And Danny realized he had been sitting on Chilly’s fur.

“Those other dragons stole my fire,” Danny said. “Oh no,” said Chilly Monster shaking his head. “That’s not nice of them, why did they do that?” Danny replied, “I burnt their fur and hats.”

“I really want my fire back,” Danny said. “Eat some chillies, ones that are red.” The monster smiled, picking out some. And Danny ate them, still quite glum.

Suddenly, his throat fired up to red-hot.
The fire was back! Danny felt better. A lot! Danny blew the Chilly Monster a fiery thanks and flew off.
For, no longer did he burp or cough.

So the other dragons couldn’t tease him, He had the fire. Once again, he was King!

<End of Danny the Dragon>

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  • moosh writes:
    no good, he shouldn’t blow fire on his friends

    carlos watkins writes:
    the books are great

    Ellie writes:
    The best bit was when Danny got his fire back.

    Emily writes:
    This book is so good because is clever and learning kids tolerance relative to the other.My child told me that this book is so real 🙂 Thank You very much for this book.

    Camilo writes:
    I love this book. I hope Danny the dragon learned his lesson and stop being mean to his friends.

    Kevin writes:
    I’m seven. I liked it. Danny is amazing.

    imani writes:
    it was a great book

    tia writes:
    the story is cute…the message, not very clear

    Shubh Goel writes:
    It is a nice story about a dragon.I like it very much

    Maxamed writes:
    A cute and fun rhyming dragon tale. Another great free kids book provided in creative commons by Story Weaver and Prat ham.

    angelikafis writes:
    This is a really cute Kids book that should be on your kids book self. what i liked about this book is it teaches use this it is not nice to tease people.

    anonymous writes:
    This book has multiple levels. For kids it may be just about a dragon, but as a teenager it goes a lot deeper if ya know what I mean.

    Julian M Ventura writes:
    i really liked the book

    David Castillo writes:
    I liked this book, I thought it was funny.

    Rishi Roy writes:
    This story has several potholes, but has a creative outlook and storyline. However, the story line can be improved by deeper thinking. Just make it better , is what I mean to say.

    Lee-Ann Gordon writes:
    Lovely story that engaged my 6 year old and had him reading with me.

    jya karmonphet writes:
    I like this book.

    w writes:


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