Drop by Drop Makes an Ocean – junior environmentalists in action

Sample Text from Drop by Drop Makes an Ocean

Once upon a time, there was a little village in a faraway land. Just outside the village was a pond. It was dark blue and deep in the middle. Beautiful creepers grew along its boundaries. They had pink and white flowers and a lovely fragrance. All the little boys and girls loved the pond. They often came to swim and play in it. In summers the cool water would refresh them from all the dust and heat.

“It’s so nice and beautiful,” they would all say. Then one day, some men who were not from the village came to the pond. They started diverting the water from the pond to small channels to the nearby fields. These channels looked like small streams. They called them irrigation channels. The elders around them said that it would help the plants in their fields grow taller and greener. The plants after some time grew taller and stronger. But the pond was not as deep as before. It became shallow.

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